The Darkness Within

I walk on soil as none beneath

Has ever reigned the way I do:

Decayed, who fill the layers below?

Now grin epiphany at the show:

Ignored of who and what I am:

i weave   a fickle web of glee;

My pride, deludes the truth in me

A dream of peace is all I see:

I bloat within the shell I bear;

Denude the veil of vanity;

Expose the darkened flesh beneath

That reeks of plagued pomposity

Like twigs that soak the rain and swell;

At core betray utility

Narcissus like stared the pool till doom

My nemesis is jealousy

The noise inside has gagged my calm

Now rip me of this agony

If truth is what can set me free

Then burn me in humility

If pawn I am, thy will that moves

Then make me beg amnesty

If love is what you seek from me

Then show me your magnanimity


8 thoughts on “The Darkness Within

  1. Ohhhhhh, there is darkness in us all. The heart is like an open grave, is what my spiritual book says. I’m thankful for grace and unconditional love that shines light into the darkness and makes my stinking grave like a bed of roses.
    “If truth is what can set me free. Then burn me in humility”
    –Powerful words, these are.

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