Preaching fundamentalism,breeds a terrorist…often inside us!!

Human mind is so complex that it might be impossible for us to ever predict human behavior accurately. However I have no doubts that It is the environment, not genetics that shapes human behavior. The story that I have borrowed from nadiaharshah provides an insight into the mindset of the ordinary Palestinians and how there behaviour is being controlled through fear.


Preaching fundamentalism, breeds a terrorist …often inside us!!!

I still feel at awe in writing about today. Maybe because I said it somehow in Arabic. Maybe more because it is done.

But somehow something is still residing. The lesson to be learnt.

Today, the whole family entered a state of panic as my 13-year-old niece disappeared for a few hours from her home.

The girl, who is a real sweetheart, shy, beautiful, quiet, well mannered, disappeared between going from her parent’s house to her aunt’s house, in the same building. The mother thought she was up studying, when suddenly they realized she wasn’t anywhere between the two apartments.

The whole family entered in a state of panic, roaming around every and any possible and impossible place, calling everyone, looking into every inch of a direction that she might be at.

After a couple of hours, her mother decided to go…

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