Invasive cloud of evil shuns

Humanity gasps a ceasing breath

Rising smoke from burning slums

A blasphemy is burned to death

A waning faith yet saved again

By mass uncouth, unruly men

Baptized in greed and hate they reign

At heart of evil’s burning den

The faithless poor are left to live

Owe mercy to that blessed mob

In name of God they choose to give

A right to live, though life they rob

By burning, looting broken home

Will they redeem a life of sin?

In paradise, will they now roam?

By stripping weak of shattered tin

What fails to grasp my novice mind?

How faith propelled by endless peace?

A faith that blessed its enemies

Can now demand such horrid plots?

Those men who vanquished evils l true

In times of blood animosity

Had neither killed nor injured too

It’s how they lived eternity

Go fight, the growth of ills within

Thy faith shall live, as lived up till

Let him decide if one did sin

He puts them right if he does will

My faith now needs no saving please

No bands of men with torch it needs

It’s you who needs to see the fleece

Of greed within the one who leads


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