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  1. Numb is the only right word. In what is perhaps a small and humble way I do something everyday to fix the problems of the world. The sheer volume of it is overwhelming, though, and a little bit numb is the only possibility.


      • Thank you for asking.

        On the home front I do something, usually small, every day to create harmony in my own household.

        Additionally, I am developing what I call the Kindness Paradigm. It is very difficult to make change in our lives, or indeed in the world, when we have no vision for what a changed world looks like. Thus, The Kindness Paradigm is a template for living in which we abandon our current paradigm of domination, with dollars the primary motivating force, and adopt instead a paradigm of kindness in which the happiness of oneself and all others is the primary motivating force. I share this idea whenever I have the opportunity and am slowly working on getting it into book, or at least essay, format for publication. I believe life lived within a social paradigm of kindness would be a gentler life and to get to this kind place we need to achieve a tipping point number of people who are like minded and hold a similar vision for what peace actually looks like (think Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon).

        I maintain a blog, askhiggins.com, to share wisdom that is imparted to me from the non-physical.

        With Higgins assistance I am able to create a meditative field that I believe, by virtue of the Maharishi Effect, positively influences world stability. Because we need lots of people to achieve this peaceful energy to turn the tide of destruction and devastation we have created a music CD for people to meditate to that stimulates this powerful peaceful world stabilizing energy. (Please listen for free at meditationvibrations.com should you like to test it out.)

        A group of friends meets on a regular basis and we meditate for peace, world stabilization, gentle yet effective rain to drought suffering countries, good health…we choose a new topic each time. By virtue of the Maharishi Effect we feel we must have some positive effect.

        For personal happiness my yard is filled with herbs, fruits and vegetables, and lots of flowers. The goal is a healing garden where people come and feel peace. There is nothing quite like touching the Earth to bring me to my senses when the world seems out of control.


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